Digest first presentation of Kadir Habibović’s book on Srebrenica in the Netherlands

Digest first presentation of Kadir Habibović’s book in the Netherlands

Life Against Death: Srebrenica

First passage from the book (page 4)

“In order to protect yourself against prejudice, I recommend to everyone who reads this shocking story: imagine your town instead of my Srebrenica, your people instead of my people and your name instead of my name.

Then make your judgment and try to answer a question without fear and loudly so that everyone hears: “What have THEY done to the innocent people of Srebrenica?” And never do to anyone what you would not want to be done to you

ICHI-chair Caspar ten Dam (left) & Sahin Sisić (right)    © Fred Rohde

The presentation of Kadir Habibovic’s book on 22 February 2015 at Café de Keyzer in Leiden from 15:00 to 17:00, jointly organized by the International Committee for Humanitarian Intervention (ICHI), Political Committee Stari Most (PCSM), PAXforPeace (PAX), and EthnoGeo Politics (EGP), was impressive and brought strong emotions. Around forty people attended, including Dutch citizens of Bosnian descent.

The initiator of the meeting, filmmaker Sahin Sisić, welcomed the attendees and talked about the background of Kadir’s book and the plans to turn the book into a movie: its scenario entitled “Srebrenica: A Voice from the Mountain” is already available for film producers and investors (contact: sahinsisic1@gmail.com).

Alfred van Cleef (left) & Amina Sisić (right)  © Fred Rohde


Sahin then showed the slideshow “Hidden face man Srebrenica” by Armin Smajlović, and the short documentary by Jasenko Korjenić about Kadir and his book in Potoćari on 11 July 2014 (see photo above), with help from Rudi Klumpkens of Foundation KINO.
Then Amina Sisić and Mustafa Hadziibrahimović, a journalist with the NTR (A Dutch broadcasting corporation) and also interpreter during the event, and read
passages from the English translation of Kadir’s earlier war experiences in the so-called UN “safe area” of Srebrenica

Writer and journalist Alfred van Cleef, author of, among other works, The lost world of the family Berberović (1994) and its sequel Lost World (2014), read passages
from the advancing Dutch translation of Kadir’s imprisonment and torture by Serb soldiers after the fall of the enclave. Caspar ten Dam, co-organizer and
chairman of ICHI, read passages from the English translation of Kadir’s miraculous escape from execution and certain death by a firing squad

Finally, there was a Skype interview with Kadir Habibović followed by some questions from the attendees. Photos were taken by Amina Sisić, Kemal Duraković, Rudi Klumpkens and Fred Rohde, which will become available in multiple fora, including the site www.srebrenica-herdenking.nl.
After all, the meeting was also one of the activities within the setting of the upcoming 20-year commemoration of the fall of Srebrenica on 11 July 2015 in Potoćari, Bosnia, and beyond, including on The Square in The Hague. For questions and more information, please contact us via info@ichuminterv.org or info@ethnogeopolitics.org.  For some media reports about or related to the event, see