The International Committee for Humanitarian Intervention (ICHI) was founded in December 2004 to call for the protection of people who cannot defend themselves, in cases when military means are absolutely necessary to save and protect them. We find it unacceptable that defenceless people are massacred, tortured, repressed and treated inhumanely, like recently in places like Sudan (Darfur), Syria and Myanmar (Rohingya) – or wherever and whenever. We thus support military interventions to prevent, halt or at least curtail the gravest crimes that can occur both in war- and peacetime:[1]

  • mass murder, including genocide
  • other war crimes
  • aggression of states against other states (particularly when the attacked state needs help and the aggressor commits most or all atrocities).
  • other kinds of extreme injustice like terrorism against civilians (also by states), slavery, ethnic cleansing, largescale mistreatment, torture and rape
  • other crimes against humanity

[1] See esp. International Criminal Court (ICC) Rome Statute, Artt.5-8.

Membership dues of € 30/ US$ 30/£ 30 per year (€ 10/ US$ 10/£ 10 for students), or donations and gifts for ICHI can be sent to: Bank account NL 60 INGB 0005 221614 BIC: INGB NL21 Leiden, the Netherlands

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