Contact and Current board

Chairperson: Caspar ten Dam (MA), political scientist, conflict analyst

Researcher at Dutch human rights institute ‘PIOOM’ at University of Leiden, 1998 – 2002. Freelance conflict analyst and terrorism expert since then. Leading member of Political Committee ‘Stari Most’ (; chairperson 1999 – 2004).

Presently he is completing his PhD research on the values, aims and methods of Chechen and Albanian insurgents, at the Insitute of History of Leiden University (see Together with Dr. Babak Rezvani and Servet Sahin (MA political science), he established the Association for the Study of EthnoGeoPolitics in 2010, and is Executive Editor of its academic journal Forum of EthnoGeoPolitics (first issue: Vol.1 No.1, Spring 2013; see further

Secretary: Hans ten Dam (MA), strategic management consultant

Author of Humanity, Civilization and Politics: How People Make the World – Today’s Ten Global Challenges (Ommen, Netherlands: Tasso Publishing, 2000), available at See also his The long View: The Art of Strategic Thinking (Ommen, Netherlands: Tasso Publishing, 2009), available at See further

Spokesperson: Bas Wallage, MA company law and state law) at University of Leiden, the Netherlands.

Jurist at the Judicial (Information) Counter and vice-chairperson of the Law Schop Alphen a/d Rijn and surroundings; he also works at the Law Court in The Hague. He is amongst other things also Chairperson of the theme group Democracy and Justice of the Dutch political party D66 (Democrats ’66; social-liberal, progressive) and vice-chair of the internal Dispute Settlement committee of D66. Furthermore, Bas is active in the Dutch section of the International Commision of Jurists for Human Rights (see further

Former Board member (until 1 February 2015): Dr. Evert du Marchie van Voorthuysen, physicist

Physicist at Groningen University (ret.) and sun-energy consultant (see &

A founding member of the Committee for Forceful Military Intervention in the Former Yugoslavia (est. 1992), renamed Political Committee ‘Stari Most’ (PCSM) in 1996; he was particularly active for this NGO between 1993 and 1996.

Caspar ten Dam, Hans ten Dam and Evert van Voorthuysen are the committee’s founders in December 2004.

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